About the ETRO Studies

Full Transparency. Complete Collaboration.

Be a part of the conversation among participants, healthcare professionals, and the research community.

One of the more exciting aspects of a clinical trial is that what we study could one day become available as an approved treatment.

Our clinical trials are very carefully structured and conducted by the top medical minds in the world. For study volunteers, you participation helps further research in the field of Ulcerative Colitis (UC) and Crohn’s, whether or not you personally benefit from the study treatment. Each participant may get top medical care and helps the millions of others who are affected by these diseases.

What to expect during your study visits

During the study, the research team will carefully monitor your health as a study volunteer. This may include general health measurements as well as tests to see if there have been any changes in your symptoms and the inflammation associated with your disease.

How do we make assessments?

During the course of treatment, we’ll be in touch via phone calls and of course, during several check-ins at the study center.

Depending on which study you participate in, there will be 14-82 weeks of the study, and then 2 follow-up visits at 6 and 12 weeks.

What are my responsibilities during the study?

Individuals deemed eligible for a study and who agree to participate must:

  • First, sign an “informed consent” form. This form details the nature of the study, the risks involved, and what may happen to a patient in the study
  • Attend all study appointments and complete all study tests, including physicals, laboratory tests and occasional endoscopies
  • Tell study staff about any symptoms, changes in medications, doctor’s or nurse’s appointments, or hospital admissions
  • Agree to not participate in any other research studies while in the Etro Studies
  • Use effective contraception while in the study and for 24 weeks (6 months) after your last dose of study medication
  • Inform the study staff if you or your partner might be pregnant
  • Perform home pregnancy tests (if applicable) before taking study medication
  • If you are doing home administration, store and administer the study medication as instructed by the study team
  • Keep track of your symptoms on a regular basis
  • Carry your wallet-sized Patient Identification and Alert Card (provided by the study team) at all times

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